Tree Care


Our 3-in-1 service (starting at $45) is designed to be flexible to the unique needs of every client. We will work with you to develop a plan that is best for your trees and shrubs. This includes fertilizing, pest control, and disease prevention. Clients with this plan are eligible for discounts on our pruning services.

Fertilizing ($20+)

Fertilizing is an essential part of keeping your yard looking fantastic and when it comes to trees and shrubs they need special care to keep them looking their best. Fertilizing regularly can help build up the soil, protect against plant disease, and ensure healthy plant growth. Whether it is boosting the growth of a new tree or keeping an old tree green we're here to help!  We have access to thousands of fertilizers and our team is trained to find the best one that can meet the needs of your trees & shrubs and stay within your budget.

Pest Control ($20+)

Just as important as fertilizing pest control is a key part to healthy trees. Without pest control harmful bugs are able to infiltrate plants and cause severe damage while opening up your plants to disease which can cause irreparable harm. With the team from Ideal Yard Solutions you can count on a service you can trust to protect your trees and your wallet! 

Disease Prevention ($20+)

As trees get older disease becomes a serious problem. Sometimes it is hard to tell when a tree is diseased leading it to go untreated causing it to rot, decay, and eventually die. Ideal Yard Solutions is connected to a network of suppliers ensuring we can always find the best solution for your tree problems at a fraction the cost of other providers. With the purchase of our 3-in-1 plan you can protect your trees & shrubs against disease while saving hundreds on your yard maintenance.

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